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In event this happens, you must manually enter your Carrier APN settings. which can be found just about anywhere.Root Your Samsung Galaxy S3 (And Flash Stock ROMs) Using Odin for Windows.If you attempt to flash a stock ROM to your 4.3 version phone with ODIN it will instantly soft-brick.

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The other sim is a family mobile sim (through T-Mobile networks).

Yea my suggestion is, give up. (sorry i know that sounds rude) The fact is when you updated to 4.3 your baseband and bootloader were upgraded as well.I also having a problem unlocking my Samsung g3 with Android 4.3 I am getting all the menus.Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Sim Card Slot Holder Flex. iPhone 4 CDMA; iPhone 4 GSM; iPhone 3GS;. Galaxy S5; Galaxy S4; Galaxy S3; Galaxy S; Galaxy S2.Hello everyone, I'm trying to unlock my Samsung Galaxy S3 from METROPCS 4G (SCH-R530M). I've rooted and installed (Busybox) Voodoo unlock SIM, SIM.The first generation of Sprint LTE phones (E.g. Galaxy S3) have an integrated SIM card (a microchip) that emulates a SIM card. This doesn't allow people to use a foreign SIM card while traveling. So Sprint began using normal SIM cards from the Galaxy S4 onwards. A SIM card, even on a CDMA carrier is required for LTE (which is why Verizon uses them).

If you select the wrong option by mistake, press the MENU button of your device and select back.Us Cellular Galaxy S3 on T-Mobile,. I know that the US Cell network is CDMA and T-Mobile is GSM. The USC S3 SIM slot is for LTE,.FAQ: Ting SIM Cards. CDMA devices that have a removable SIM card can often be unlocked for. No need to buy a SIM card for the Galaxy S3 because that's embedded.Samsung Galaxy S3 L710T Sprint/Boostmobile ROOT. 8 members - Public. Samsung Galaxy S3 L710T Sprint/Boostmobile ROOT. # Keep SIM state on LPM mode.

With the Samsung Galaxy S III (S3),. with the microSD card slot and Near-Field Communication. The Galaxy S III takes a micro-SIM card.Verizon has some of their phones with a sim card slot to make international traveling easier since they use GSM mainly in other countries.Detailed features and specs for the Samsung Galaxy S III mini (Verizon). This spin-off of the popular Galaxy S. dual cameras, NFC, memory card slot.Just to add my Samsung is s 3 and model gt version 4.1.2.thanks please help me doing ma nut in.Insert the New SIM Card Insert the non-accepted SIM Card and power on the Phone.

*WIP* Making a Sprint galaxy S3 sim card. and you'd still be tied to Sprint CDMA unless I'm. I believe he stated his goal is to put a SIM slot in his s3.Sprint Galaxy Note 5 keeps saying invalid SIM when using AT. Sprint Galaxy Note 5 keeps saying. (CDMA phones can still sport a SIM card slot to allow.

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Inserting SIM and MicroSD Card in Your Galaxy S7. With the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung brought back the microSD card slot to. They run on a cdma.

You said you were getting a Verizon phone, but have a sprint gs3.

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. the Sprint version is CDMA and. The Verizon version of the Galaxy S3 also has a SIM card slot. [Q] No SimCard spot? How do I go to straight talk.Samsung Galaxy S4 SIM Card Slot Replacement. This SIM card slot replacement can allow you to securely hold your SIM card in place again so you can maximize galaxy note 2; sim card;. Remove embedded sim card in Sprint's version of Samsung Galaxy Note II. The FCC lets them lock the SIM slot.

To unlock it, you would have to insert another cell providers sim card and the phone would prompt you to input the code.

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Full specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S3 SCH-i535 Verizon 32GB. 1 slot micro-SIM. Usually the versions/variations are the same Samsung Galaxy S3 models.